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Watercolors AM Camp


Themes & Dates: See below

Let's have some fun painting with watercolor. Children will use traditional watercolor techniques that professional watercolor artists use. 

Watercolor techniques include methods of layering transparent washes on paper and building color gradation. Students also will learn to understand contrast, tones and values. Depending on the nature of each project, students may get to create visual textures by masking, sponging, splattering, and much more. Our watercolor classes are not only about learning techniques; they are also about seeing and thinking. Students will learn how to think creatively and see that what is ordinary can become extraordinary in a painting. 

At the beginning of each project, students will receive direction on how to work on their pencil outline. Instructors will work with each student on his/her layout and composition. The instructors will also give step-by-step painting demonstrations as a group and review painting techniques with each individual student. As all students learn and progress at their own pace, it is important that each watercolor class shall review techniques that the students have or have not learned. If students cannot complete their projects in one morning lesson, they may continue the same projects in their next lesson. Students will create their artworks by observing and studying reference materials such as still-life displays, paintings, book illustrations and/or photographs. Last but not least, students must also learn how to take care of the art materials. 

Please check out the following chart for themes and subjects. There may be a variety of subjects under one theme. However, painting subjects will be chosen based on students’ interests, ages and skill levels. In that case, listed “subjects” may not be covered entirely. Our watercolor camp does not repeat the same projects for returned students.

2019 Themes

July 8 to 12: Storybook Fantasy

Subject: Fictional characters, imaginary scenes, exotic animals from children's story books.

July 15 to 19: Hello Ocean

Subject: Paint beautiful sea creatures and their habitats.

July 22 to 26: Shadows in the Twilight

Subject: Learn how to paint light and shadow, experiment with new colors for sunrise and sunset.

Aug 5 to 9: Let's Go to the Farm

Subject: Paint farmland and animals with understanding of basic perspective.

Aug 12 to 16: Voyage Of Discovery

Subject: From oceanic adventure to exploring steep mountains and valleys

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