Teens: Ages 13-17

This course covers the fundamentals of figure drawing including basic bone and muscle anatomy, life drawing, portraiture, and character design.


This class is age appropriate and designed to provide a balance of learning challenges and fun projects. Media includes graphite, ink, marker, colored pencil, watercolor, and more.

Figure Drawing

Meeting Time: Mon. 3:30 - 4:30 PM 

Teacher: Julie

2 Hours/Week  $20/Hr. 

Average Monthly Cost: $165/Month

This class is for students who are experienced with acrylic painting and love creating their own master pieces or pick a more challenging art project of their choice from my collection of paintings with step by step instructions if needed.

Students in this class will work independently at their own pace and their own project of choice under my guidance.

Advanced Acrylic Painting

Starting April 1st

Meeting Time: Mon. 5:00- 6:30 PM 

1.5 Hour/Week  $20/Hr. 

Average Monthly Cost: $145/Month

Teacher: Barbara

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