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KTK: Cracking the Rubik's Cube

“The Cube is an imitation of life itself - or even an improvement on life” - Erno Rubik

Did you know this little cube has over forty-three quintillion configurations, or 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 to be precise, and one out of these is the right solution? It has been calculated that if every person on earth randomly twisted a cube once every second, then about once every three centuries one cube would return to its original state. The total number of configurations is calculated by multiplying the amount of possible arrangements of corner pieces by the number of possible arrangements of edge pieces.  


Does solving the Rubik’s cube make your brain sharper? Yes. Solving the cube tests your spatial and problem solving abilities. 


Additional benefits include:

  • An excellent way to keep the mind active; teaches you the importance of every single move you make.

  • It teaches you to persevere, notice patterns, and eliminate possibilities.

  • You will develop a wider perception to the entire process of problem solving. The minute you are presented with a problem, you will be able to tackle it better and with more confidence.

  • It improves your eye-hand coordination, concentration, and short-term memory. Great fun for all ages!

Our summer camp is taught by other kids who believe the simplest way to solve a cube is to observe. They will help get you started with experimenting, noticing patterns, and drawing conclusions with 3x3 (traditional Rubik's cube) and a pyramix (in the shape of a pyramid). The entire strategy for solving the cube will be revealed throughout the week, which consists of special algorithms developed by the instructors themselves. 

About the instructors: Saahil  and Mihir are avid cubers and thoroughly excited to share their passion with other kids!  They are self taught and have now taught most of their classmates in solving various forms of cubes. They have been teaching other kids at our summer camps for three years now. They can successfully solve 2x2, 3x3, 3x3 migamix, 5x5, pyramix, mirror cube, and are now busy developing different algorithms for speed cubing and solving ghost cube. (See them in action in the videos below.)

Material fee: $10 (for Rubik's cube)

2017 Summer Camp
2017 Summer Camp
2017 Summer Camp
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KTK: Magic Card Tricks

"Everyone should be able to do one card trick, tell two jokes, and recite three poems, in case they are ever trapped in an elevator." -Lemony Snicket.

Calling all aspiring magicians!
Join us in this fantastical adventure where you learn to dazzle your family and friends with cool tricks using standard card deck. In this camp, you’ll discover magic secrets that involve math, logic, misdirection and of course, sleight-of- hand. You will be a star at any party with these tricks up your sleeves. There will be live presentation of the trick first and then we’ll walk you through each one step- by-step until you master it. You’ll not only learn techniques like lifts, false deals, passes and palming but also self-confidence, people skills and more. So be ready to be cunning, quick and precise! On the last day of camp, invite your family, friends and neighbors to show off your newly acquired skill.

Material fee: $10 (for deck of cards)

If you like to solve puzzles and play brain games or would like some extra cards up your sleeve, you will enjoy these camps. 

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