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Creativity is not just about the arts! We believe art and technology are two sides of the same coin called "creativity." Our technology classes focus on designing and developing mechanical and electronic devices using the Raspberry Pi and Legos.

Raspberry Pi

Ages 8 - 15

What you will learn:

  • The basics of embedded systems using modular design.

  • C and Python programming.

  • Build and test circuits with LEDs, resistors, capacitors, sensors, and liquid crystal displays.

  • Analyze and understand the working of hardware and software involved.

  • Work on fun, individual and group projects. 

You will need to purchase a starter kit in order to take this class. Please email us for details on the kit. We provide the peripherals, such as monitor, keyboard, and mouse. 

Lego Robotics

Ages 5 - 15



These are practical courses that provide valuable insight into how everyday household devices, such as vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, or laundry machines, operate. Students will learn about the different components in robot technology, such as controllers, sensors, processors, etc., and how to program them to achieve a desired effect.



  • Elementary Class -  Designed for beginners with little or no understanding of robots. Learn to build and program simple, fun robots using legos.

  • Intermediate Class - Suitable for students who have basic knowledge about robots. Learn to build and program more challenging robots and how to control them using a mobile device.

  • Advanced Class - For those who want to tackle more complex designs, software programs, mechanical configurations, and hands-on experiments.

We provide all of the supplies for the classes. We use the LEGO Education WeDo Construction Sets.

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