The Lascaux Policy

New Students

  • Welcome to Lascaux! The first class is free of charge!

    • If you choose to sign up you will receive an invoice for the total of the leftover sessions for the given month.

    • We will only charge for the remaining sessions. If you sign up in the middle of a month, no worries!       

Returning Students

  • Welcome back! We send invoices to our returning students several days before the start of each new month.

    • We ask that you pay before the start of the month so we can send you a link to our online classroom in a timely manner. 

  • The monthly/bimonthly class purchase is non-refundable.

    • However, we offer make up classes for days missed.

    • Please sign up prior to the start of the new month so you are eligible for the 5% Bimonthly Discount.

    • if a student's parents can tell us ahead of time which days they will miss we will subtract those sessions from the bill. This information can be placed inside the "Additional Information" Box within the registration form.

Deals and Discounts

  • Referral Discount: 10% off your next month if you refer another student to the art school (1 month discount).

  • Sibling Discount: 15% off for siblings, deal applies the following month and continues as long as siblings attend.

    • If siblings sign up at the same time it applies starting the first month. 

  • Bimonthly Discount: 5% off for a making a commitment to 2 monthly invoices. 

  • Subscription Discount: 5% off for subscribing to our email list via the Lascaux Website.


  • We charge per session but bill monthly/bimonthly right before the new month starts. 

    • Some months have more meetings, some less due to calendar fluctuations so you can expect costs to differ slightly every month.

    • We provide the average cost monthly cost in the class description but the actual cost will be slightly different due to the given month and the coupons and deals that may apply to your situation

Seasonal Camps

  • Our camps are sold by the week or partial week (Mon - Fri) for either full-day (AM plus PM) or half-day (AM or PM) sessions.

    • There are no makeups.

      • Camps may only be cancelled for a full refund with three weeks prior notice to the first day of the camp.

    • AM camp starts at 9am & ends at 12pm.

    • PM camp starts at 12:30pm and ends at 3:30pm.

    • There is a 30 minute break for lunch from 12pm to 12:30pm.


​By enrolling and participating in our classes, camps, workshops, or other activities, our customers acknowledge that these activities involve a certain amount of risk for injury, staining of clothes, and other risks. Customers also agree to release and hold harmless Lascaux Academy, its instructors, contractors, owners, employees, and other staff from any liability which may arise as a result of participation in these activities. Further, our customers also provide Lascaux Academy permission to use photos and images of our customers and their artwork for advertising and promotional purposes, including but not limited to, on our website, teaching materials, brochures, flyers, and other marketing material.

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