Manga and Pokemon Camp

Instructor: Barbara Golden

Camp description:

If you are a Manga or Pokémon-fan, this is the right class for you! We will learn how to draw our favorite characters or create our own! After sketching our first draft with light pencil lines we will outline with black ink before coloring and shading our Manga and Pokémon art with colored pencils or markers.

Art supply list: with Amazon links below (or you can bring your own).

1. pencil, separate eraser, sharpener

2. Art pad: Canson XL Series Rough Mix Media, 9" x 12"

3. Black sharpie, fine tip

4. Markers: Set of 25 -50 + extra skin colors!

5. Colored Pencils, minimum: set of 24
Prismacolor 3597T Premier Colored Pencils

7. White gel pen

March 29 - April 2,

10 AM- 12 PM

2 Hours/Day

10 Hours/Week 

 $10/Hr. Full Week: $150