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College Portfolio Development

Teacher: Laura Pritlutsky

College applications are always around the corner. With school, extracurriculars, work, and social activities, it can be challenging for applicants to find time for building an art portfolio. This class aims to provide students with a set schedule and skilled instructors that help guide them to creating and perfecting university-ready works of art. Join Teacher Laura as she helps highschoolers to:

1) Prepare their art portfolios for applying to colleges. Students will learn to research the colleges of their choice, understand what the colleges are looking for in applicants, and custom create their portfolios so they meet the unique needs and requirements of each specific college. Students will also learn to reach out and create relationships with the professors and staff at each college, prior to the admission process. 

2) Enhance their conceptual drawing and painting skills to create artwork that is truly unique and original and that college admission officers will want to see in a successful portfolio.