Traditional and Digital Art Instructor

Katerina is children's book writer and illustrator as well as an art teacher. She has been instructing adults and kids ranging from ages 4-17  in both traditional and digital art for five years and has become a firm believer that most people could learn the fundamentals of art which will open the door to color theory, design, and creating more complex 2D and 3D constructions. She feels that art fundamentals can be used not just for artistic pursuits but to take visual notes and help oneself figure out problems in personal, educational, and work-related settings via diagrams and conceptual sketches. 

Originally from Ukraine, Katerina has lived in both the East and West Coasts of US and has earned a BFA from the Animation and Illustration program in SJSU, California. She loves designing toys, books, websites and most importantly an evolving methodology of teaching that relates ideas in the most clear way that she can. On her free time she loves a good challenge, hiking, working with fabrics, and her two evil cats. (She loves her cats on her work days too so you may spot them in the background of her online classes.)

Favorite Quote: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it."


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