Mixed Media, Sculpting, & Drawing Instructor

Originally from Wisconsin, Julie spent the majority of her childhood drawing, writing, crafting, and pursuing a variety of creative endeavors within a peaceful, rural environment. In college, she continued to study art, attending both the University of Wisconsin Marathon County as well as the University of Wisconsin Madison, from which she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. As well as being recognized with several scholarships for her art, poetry, and academic achievement, she also received travel grants to study art in New York City, Vienna, and Prague. 


Since her student days, Julie has continued to refine her skills and ideas while exhibiting her work in both solo and group art shows in the Midwest and California. In addition to her numerous years of experience with drawing and painting, Julie has more than 12 years experience working sculpturally with mixed media and non-traditional materials such as fabric, clothing, toys, etc., as well as nearly 5 years experience working as a Floral Designer. For her, visual art is important not only as a means of self expression, but also as a way to interact positively with people while building up their confidence and encouraging them to explore their ideas. Seeing the joy and knowledge that art can bring to the lives of others is truly her favorite part of both teaching and being an artist, and she loves to view and uplift the work of her students. When she is not making art or teaching, Julie enjoys cooking, traveling, films, board games, floral arranging, and spending time with family and friends.

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