390 El Camino Real, Suire U

Belmont, CA 94002

Tel: 650-453-3120

TAX ID: 46-3598606

Job title: Art Instructor

  • What's involved? To teach art classes and camps for children or adults. Media include, but are not limited to, soft pastels, acrylics, oil, watercolors, charcoal, pencil, marker, and sculpting clay. Subject matters include, but are not limited to, drawing and painting techniques (perspective, shading, color theory, etc.), still life drawings, comics, digital art, storybook illustrations, abstract and imaginary creations, and intuitive art.

  • Is this for me? This is a part-time, contractor position with flexible days and hours. A passion and love for art, the desire to teach others, and an entrepreneurial spirit to nurture and grow your classes are essential for a successful candidate.

  • Do I need experience? Teaching experience is not necessary but a plus. An easy-going attitude and desire to try new things and have fun is also a plus.

  • When and who do I teach? Instructor will teach year-round classes which, for the most part, meet once a week for 2 hrs. Instructor will also teach seasonal camps which are one-week long (Mon - Fri) for 3 to 6 hrs each day. Student ages may range from 5 y/o to adult.

  • What do I teach? Develop fun, creative, and educational lesson plans and curriculum for year-round classes and seasonal camps. Prepare and setup for each class and camp and clean up afterward.

  • What's the pay like? Revenue sharing with pay rates up to $60 per hour.

Please e-mail resume to and include ART INSTRUCTOR in the subject line.

Job title: Studio Assistant

We are looking for a part-time employee to assist with front desk duties, including answering emails and phone calls, ordering supplies, billing and payment, and maintaining web site. Hourly pay rate: Depends on experience.


Please e-mail resume to and include STUDIO ASSISTANT in the subject line.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers to assist our instructors during our spring, summer, fall, and winter camps. For the right candidate, this could lead to part-time, paid teaching positions.