Housewife Returns to Work after 17 Years

Mar 15, 2022

I recently connected with Ms. Cynthia Usui on LinkedIn, because I was inspired by her story. Born and raised in the Philippines to Chinese parents, Ms. Usui moved to Japan to study at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Japanese Language and Studies. After graduation, she worked in advertising but quit her job to focus on being a mother. She spent the next 25 years overseas as the wife of a Japanese diplomat. Upon returning to Tokyo, Ms. Usui landed her first job as a part-timer at a Members Club for expats at the age of 52, and moved up the ranks to executive levels in hospitality

Cynthia is a prime example of how job candidates with non-technical backgrounds in art, teaching, therapy, language, caregiving, homemaking, etc., can be immensely beneficial in the workplace. These candidates mainly acquire non-traditional "soft" skills of the heart, which are often overlooked by hiring managers, but are equally important as the "hard" skills of the intellect, usually possessed by their engineering, scientific, or even business-minded counterparts.

The soft and hard skills together make for a truly balanced and diversified workforce. And is a win-win for the entire organization!