Fantasy Creatures and Landscapes

Instructor: Barbara Golden

Camp description:

In this 3 day camp we will draw and color fantasy and mythical creatures like a dragon or a Phoenix. After the first rough sketch with pencil we will outline with black ink and color, blend and shade using markers and watercolors.

Material list:

1. 11x14 mixed media paper.

2. Pencil, eraser, sharpener

3. Sharpie thick/thin

4. Markers (set of 25)

5. Watercolors: (Crayola , 16 count is fine)

6. Chinese Watercolor brush round- size 2, or regular watercolor brush round -size 7. Optional: White gel pen (uniball Signo)

Nov 23 - 25, 10 AM- 12 PM

2 Hours/Day

6 Hours/Week 


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