Fantasy Creatures and Worlds

Instructor: Barbara Golden

Camp description:

Let’s dive into our Fantasy World and let our imagination come to life!
We will draw dragons, phoenixes, centaurs and other fantastic creatures and create a world around them. After the first rough sketch with pencil we will outline with black ink first before coloring, blending and shading using markers and watercolors.

Art supply list: with Amazon links below (or you can bring your own).

1. pencil, separate eraser, sharpener

2. Art pad: Canson XL Series Rough Mix Media, 9" x 12"

3. Black sharpie, fine tip

4. Markers:

5. Watercolors:

6. Paintbrush: Chinese, size 2, or artist watercolor paintbrush, size 6 or 8:

Option 1: professional Chinese paintbrush

Option 2: watercolor brush

7. White gel pen

Mar. 22 - 26, 10 AM- 1 PM

3 Hours/Day

15 Hours/Week 

 $15/Hr. Full Week: $225