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Eudaimonia & Art with Sajana Sagar

Are you single or recently divorced and looking for purpose?

Are you married but your relationship is lacking direction or purpose?

Or are you looking for a soul mate to spend your life with? 


These are deep questions with no easy answers. But don’t lose hope!

Like you, I have struggled with finding that true happiness. “Eudaimonia” – a Greek word, ‘eu’ meaning good and ‘daemon’ meaning spirit or soul -- struck a chord with me, and so I have begun my journey. I would like to help you too begin your journey to finding that happiness!


Together, we will explore eudaimonic happiness which is based on the premise that people feel happy if they experience a sense of purpose in life, including the challenges and growth. This happiness comes from within, from having inner peace. According to Aristotle "the purpose of mankind is to achieve eudaimonia, which is a state of serene and permanent happiness."


My name is Sajana Sagar and I will be your facilitator and guide for this class. It is a journey, a process. We will explore, through abstract art, the missing elements in your life and how to piece them together to find more meaning and purpose in your relationships.

Have you ever spent an evening or even a few hours of talking with your date, but not going very deep with the conversation? Are you left unfulfilled? The reason is there are non-verbal communication ques that cannot be expressed with language and must be directed with the heart. In other words, we can help you through art to allow your heart and intuition to lead the conversation instead of your intellect. 


“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Class details:

Mondays 7-9pm or

Thursdays 8-10pm

Ages: 21+

Fee: $60 per person for couples or $65 for singles (includes materials and a complimentary glass of wine)