Winter Watercolor Camp

Instructor: Shirley Lim

Camp description:

Teacher Shirley has been teaching traditional watercolor painting to children for almost 12 years. The advantage with online camp is our class size is going to be much smaller allowing one-on-one attention to our students! 

What You Will Learn:

Our camp students will learn traditional watercolor techniques that professional watercolor artists use. Painting techniques include methods of layering transparent washes on paper and building color gradations. We also emphasize understanding contrast, tones and values. At the beginning of each project, students will receive direction on how to work on their pencil layout and composition. There will be step-by-step painting demonstrations as a group and the instructor will review painting techniques with each individual student. Students will create their project through observing and studying reference paintings, illustrations or photographs but we highly encourage creativity by allowing students to choose painting subjects based on their interests, ages and skill levels.

Material list: feel free to bring what you already have at home!

  1. Paint brushes (Versatile for any medium - will be useful beyond this camp.)

  2. Watercolors (You can bring your own.)

  3. Watercolor Paper (Multi-media paper at a great deal - will last after this camp.)

  4. Reusable plastic palette with at least 8 wells and lots of mixing area

  5. Drafting Tape

  6. Water Cup 

  7. A clean cotton rag or towel

  8. Regular pencil and eraser

1 Week Course: Wednesdays, Dec. 21 - Dec. 24

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM  

12 Hours/Week


AGES 9-15