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Craft & Clay Camps (scroll down for themes) 

So your child likes to make crafts? We've got lots of great camps to choose from, so please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. (Please note that all not all camps listed may be offered.)

Arts 'n Crafts

Our arts and crafts camps are a great way to get your hands "dirty" and explore anything that has to do with making things. From using yarn to paper mache to acrylic paint, you'll have the opportunity to experience a variety of themes taught by teachers who are makers and creators at heart. 

Ceramics (Pottery)

Learn to shape (hand-build or throw), dry, fire, and glaze your own art piece with ceramic clay! By the last day of camp, you will have a glazed piece that will be ready for firing. We will fire it for you and then ask you to return to pick up your final piece. Some things you can create are: mugs, vases, plates, pinch pots, or an item of your choice.

Nature and the Environment with Angie Tinson

In this “get your hands dirty” clay camp, your child will learn various techniques of hand building with clay, including slab building, slump and drape molding, coiling, and pinching. Themes will focus on nature and the environment through the week as they use their creativity and new found knowledge of clay manipulation to create several pieces that they can bring home at the end of the camp. Clay pieces may include but are not limited to a mug, a bowl, a vase, and a sculpture piece.

Call of the wild with Angie Tinson

During this fun filled week at clay camp, your child will use a variety of techniques to create clay projects based on animals and their habitats. Clay hand building techniques will include slab building, slump and drape molding, coiling, and pinching. Clay pieces may include but are not limited to a mug, a bowl, a vase, and a sculpture piece. 

Polymer Clay

Unlike ceramic clay, polymer clay hardens in about 20 minutes using a conventional toaster oven. In addition to charms and bracelets, neat little figurines up to 8 inches tall can be made. See samples below: 

Paper Quilling

Paper quilling is the art of creating designs with narrow strips of paper that have been rolled, shaped, and arranged to form designs. Quilling dates back to the 16th century when French & Italian nuns created ornate borders to embellish religious articles.

We will be using techniques to create note cards, fridge magnets, show pieces, jewelry, paper bikes, autombiles, and many more ideas. Some tools we will use are a quilling tool, craft glue, scissors, rulers, tweezers, & your imagination!

In this class, we will also teach basic crochet skills and expand on your existing skills. We will teach techniques, such as single, double, slip, pop, and basket crochet. We will make items such as scarves, caps, head bands, flowers, sweaters, blankets, and much more!

Card Making

All the card-making camps will focus on using composition, color, lettering, and paper-craft to create customized cards to whomever the students are addressing. We will be using craft paper, card-stock, digital typography, and ink, along with various coloring mediums like markers and colored pencils. Students will learn how to brainstorm card ideas that would best fit their subject's interests or personality, which colors work best for specific themes, what styles of typography or traditional lettering reflects the mood of their piece, and how to use paper to create different layers and designs on their cards.


Students will learn how art can be made from the everyday materials around us and how creating new uses for objects and materials can benefit both the community and the environment. Examples of projects may include making masks, collages, wall-hangings, mixed-media sculptures, treasure boxes, reusable bags, and others. Materials will be provided by the instructor with an opportunity later in the course for students to bring in small scale materials from home if they would like to do so.