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Creative Pattern Drawing Camp

April 2 to 9, 9am-12:00pm, 2018
Instructor: Ringo Yang

Pattern drawing is a basic foundation for creative design. Unlike realistic pencil drawing, this camp will introduce you to another imaginative and fun type of pencil drawing. For example, students will learn:


1. To draw using the 3 basic elements of design: dots, line, & area, to create their own patterns. We’ll practice smooth, non-stop (continuous) line drawing. Students will draw with confidence; no erasing is allowed. 

2. Filling & drawing.

  • First draw the outline (given outline)

  • Divide major parts into smaller area.

  • Add details, must be varied.

3. To draw based on a new favorite subject each day. For example, what’s your favorite meal, camping trip, pet, my sport, etc. Students encouraged to bring photos or storyboards as references. Advanced students encouraged to draw without using a reference. Instead, they will be challenged to create a complete illustration to describe a scene or a story. 

Please see example images below:

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