Advanced Ghibli Manga

Instructor: Barbara Golden

Camp description:

In this course we will dive more into character design, figure drawing and composition of Anime backgrounds. In Each lesson Barbara will introduce and demo a new technique or art skill and provide all students with a challenge to practice that technique. the second part of each lesson, students get to work on a project of their own choice. Students will have plenty of opportunity to share their art, ask questions and get feedback and instructions from me as well as their fellow students.

Camp Requirement:

Since this is an advanced class you will be required to submit your best artwork up to date upon registering for the camp. 

Material list:

1. Canson XL mixed media pad, size 9x11

2. pencil, eraser, sharpener,

3. Sharpie, thick and thin

4. Markers, set of 25 (skin color included!)

5. Watercolors (set of 16).

6. Watercolor paintbrushes: 1 round, size 8, 1 flat size 10 or 12

6 Week Course: Wednesdays, Nov. 11 - Dec. 16

5:00-7:00 PM  

2 Hours/Week


AGES 13-18