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We are not offering any in-person activities at this time.
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Schools strive to make their content relevant to the outside world. We invite real-world professionals to star in many of our courses so our students know how to be creative in any career they choose in the future.

Thousands of years ago ancient cave dwellers created art on cave walls. In 1970 geologists discovered the Lascaux Cave in France. Lascaux is a testament to human creativity and desire for expression that has been alive since humans were around. Founded in 2006, Lascaux Academy was born out of a similar vision to support artists of all ages, from toddlers to teens and adults. We often invite presenters from different professional backgrounds including science, engineering, music and many others as guest lectures to answer student questions on different topics. Our students don't just learn how to draw a robot they learn how a real Robotics Scientists works and applies creativity to their everyday life and how to make such a career a reality! In the process both scientists and artists learn how art is part of with everything we do.

Are you a professional or university student who would like to be a guest lecturer? 

What We Offer

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  • Online Courses and Classes for All Age Groups

  • Online Camps on a Wide Range of Topics

  • At Home Private Classes

  • Exposure via Art Competitions and Showcases

  • Collaboration Opportunities with other Companies

  • Opportunities for Professionals to share their Story 

Our Team

Our instructors are professional artists who are passionate about teaching their individual craft. They employ both traditional (non-digital) and modern (digital) teaching methods, using a broad range of themes and subjects.

We keep our class sizes small so each student receives tailored and personal instruction. We encourage our students to be creative and think outside of the box as much as possible, while at the same time adhering to the structure and technique taught by the instructor.

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Sarah Santiago


"The art projects my daughter completed at the camp are great, and I'm thankful that she got exposed to different forms/mediums of art work while at this camp." 

Gabriele Kim  


"My daughter enjoyed the painting class and brought home 3 amazing paintings." 

Elaine M.


"My 8-year old daughter has attended Lascaux's mixed media class for about 3 years. She enjoys the dedicated time to explore paint, colored pencils, and Copic markers. The teacher spends time discussing the use of color, and shading as well as other techniques. The level of instruction is appropriate for my daughter and is leveled for each student. My daughter receives individual instruction within the structure of the class. We have been very happy with Lascaux Academy."

Aya S.


"This is the second summer that my 11 year old daughter is taking classes at the Lascaux Academy.  Both last year and this year, she had signed up just a week in advance without knowing anyone else there, and the teachers and staff have been very friendly and welcoming.  The level of art work my daughter does is very impressive." 

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